Permatron ‘Prevent’ Install

Posted on July 27, 2012

Commercial Filter Sales recently completed an install of Permatron’s ‘Prevent’ system to the exterior of a roof mounted unit in Seattle. Permatron ‘Prevent’ offers an excellent first line of defense from larger particles, bugs, cottonwood, and other debris that could potentially cause damage to critical equipment. Permatron ‘Prevent’ can be easily modified to any opening and offers a variety of install methods allowing quick removal for cleaning.

From Permatron:

Permatron’s Patented Equipment Protection Filters are designed with permanent, washable UV protected media, which draws in and traps airborne particulates before they can enter the system. Available in three styles, we offer our PreVent® Model R with a single or double layer of black polypropylene media encased in a rigid steel frame; PreVent® Model U with a single or double layer of black polypropylene media encased in a flexible vinyl edge; and PreVent® Model BHA with a single layer of black PVC coated polyester high abrasion media encased in a flexible vinyl edge.

Independent testing, conducted by UL Laboratories, showed PreVent® Filters cause less than 1% change in system discharge pressure. The filter has a low .02-.05 in. w.g. initial resistance to air flow.

Prevent filters are hand made, and can be customized to meet any air intake challenge including cut-outs, special shapes and skirting.

Built with durability in mind, the Equipment Protection filters come with a 5 year warranty, and will stand up to hostile environments including corrosive areas, UV exposure and fluctuating weather conditions. Customized protection needs are available using wire cloth, perforated metal, netting, woven and non-woven media, odor/fume adsorbing media, flexible or steel edged screens.

Here is the unit before and some shots from the install: